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REPORT | OCHA: Venezuela Humanitarian Fund 2021 – Annual Report

OCHA | Venezuela | June 29, 2022


We have come a long way since the Venezuela Humanitarian Fund (VHF) was established in September 2020, in the midst of the pandemic. The VHF has quickly become an important instrument of the humanitarian response in Venezuela, serving as a vital source of funding to address critical humanitarian needs. In 2021, the VHF reached more than 130,000 people, 56 per cent of whom were women and girls, with humanitarian and protection assistance. The Fund supported sexual and reproductive health services for vulnerable women and girls, facilitated the safe return of children to school after a year and a half of pandemic-related closure, and reached some of the most vulnerable groups, such as indigenous people in remote areas.

As highlighted in this Annual Report, the VHF has shown its added value and comparative advantage in its first year of operation. One of the VHF’s strategic priorities has been to promote localization, enhancing participation and direct access to funds for national and local actors.

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