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Warning that almost 19 million Venezuelans are still in need: It is urgent to move forward with an agreement | via: MundoUR

MundoUR | Caracas | May 10, 2023

Unofficial translation made by HumVenezuela…

Human Rights advocate Feliciano Reyna, member of Foro Civico and director of Acción Solidaria, highlighted that almost 19 million Venezuelans, that is, 65% of the population, continue to be in need.

“We continue to see the need to reach political agreements that also generate institutional responses for the people in the country,” Reyna said during an interview with Roman Lozinski.

The spokesperson for Acción Solidaria highlighted that at this moment Venezuela needs 700 million to address the humanitarian crisis. “Only less than 10% of what the country requires is coming in”, he concluded.