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VIDEO | WOLA: Innovation and Challenges in Defending Human Rights in Venezuela

Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) | Venezuela | March 7, 2022

The situation in Venezuela represents one of the biggest challenges to democracy and human rights in the Americas, as well as a devastating humanitarian emergency. As the crisis continues, human rights defenders and civil society activists are routinely targeted by the government of Nicolás Maduro. In spite of these challenges, Venezuelans continue to find creative and innovative ways to mobilize for democratic change and to fulfill their fundamental civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.

Please join the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and the Center of Justice and Peace (CEPAZ) on March 7 at 2:00 p.m. EST for a conversation on challenges and innovative approaches to activism with a group of Venezuelan human rights defenders working on a wide range of issues facing the country.