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Venezuela: Humanitarian Response Plan Update 2021 | via: Relief Web

OCHA | June 17, 2021

Response Plan Overview

This document is an update of the 2020 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP), given the Plan was published in July 2020 and the main considerations and trends remain valid. It is based on a revised analysis of the five critical issues identified in 2020: health, malnutrition and food insecurity, human mobility and protection risks, provision of and access to essential services, and coping mechanisms of those affected. It considers the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on those critical issues according to new sources of information available, and takes into account the necessary adjustments to the response modalities, based on the actual humanitarian response since March 2020.

Based on the demonstrated operational capacity of the partners, the Plan will seek to provide assistance to 4.5 million of the most vulnerable people in 2021, of which 56 per cent are women and girls, and 44 per cent are men and boys. Children and adolescents represent 35 per cent of this target population.

The three strategic objectives of the 2020 Plan remain valid: 1) to ensure the survival and well-being of the most vulnerable people; 2) contribute to the sustainability of essential services and strengthen resilience and livelihoods; and 3) strengthen institutional and community mechanisms to prevent, mitigate and respond to protection risks.

To achieve these objectives, the 2021 Plan includes 223 projects from 144 organizations, including the United Nations Agencies, Funds and Programmes (AFPs) and national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which will work in a coordinated manner through eight Clusters and two Areas of Responsibility (AoR), and under the leadership of the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT).

Implementation of these projects requires the mobilization of US$708.1 million, and efforts are ongoing with the donor community to facilitate resource mobilization in a timely manner and increase funding for the response. The implementation of the Plan also requires maximum support from and coordination with the authorities to ensure humanitarian access to the most vulnerable people and promote an operational environment that facilitates and protects humanitarian work.

The 2021 update should be considered in the light of the 2020 HRP and other key documents such as the Joint Operating Principles for Venezuela, which outlines common standards for humanitarian organizations and the commitment to the humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence.

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