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PRESS RELEASE | Alerts on Migration Management and Protection in the Americas

Red Jesuita con Migrantes | May 11, 2023

Recent U.S. decisions regarding the termination of Title 42 (in effect until Thursday, May 11, 2023) and agreements with other countries in the region are generating major impacts that violate the guarantee of Human Rights, particularly the right to request International Protection.

These decisions directly affect people and communities in situations of migration, refuge and forced displacement, as the circumstances that cause their displacement increase and the national and regional policies that attempt to manage migration dehumanize it.

What is happening around the termination of Title 42 is the most recent example of such policies. Based on them and their impacts in the Americas, civil society organizations warn, through the following communiqué, of some foreseeable regional implications of these state and governmental decisions.

In this way, we call for a joint and articulated work with the States towards the recovery of the high standards of the region in terms of Human Rights and International Protection, in order to coordinate regional responses focused on an informed, accompanied and protected migration that is centered on people and their rights.

The alerts we propose require continuous updating according to the implementation of migration policies in the region and their impacts.

To read the full press release, please click here.