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REPORT | Venezuela is one of the least peaceful countries in Latin America, according to a study by the Institute for Economics and Peac | via: Diario TalCual

Diario TalCual | Venezuela | June 28, 2023

The Institute for Economics and Peace prepared a report in which it determined that Venezuela is one of the least safe countries in the region. It appears together with Colombia in the 140th place in the global ranking.

The Institute for Economics and Peace, through its Global Peace Index, determined that Venezuela and Colombia are the Latin American countries considered “least peaceful” in Latin America due to socio-political conflicts and cases of internal violence in both nations.

According to the ranking of the least peaceful countries globally, Venezuela and Colombia appear tied in the 140th place out of 163. In the Venezuelan case, the table indicates that it moved up five places compared to the year 2022 and had a total score of 2,693.

It was indicated that Venezuela, out of 11 countries taken into account for the study, is placed in the tenth position of the “least peaceful” countries in Latin America; while Uruguay is 90 places higher, since it has the 50th place in the ranking.

After Colombia and Venezuela, the lowest Latin American countries in the index are Brazil (132), Haiti (129), Nicaragua (123), El Salvador (122), Honduras (120), Peru (103), Cuba (99), Ecuador (97), Dominican Republic (93) and Bolivia (78), while Paraguay and Panama share 68th place.

In the global count on the economic cost of violence, Venezuela ranks 23rd with an impact of 66,512 million dollars, which would be 2,350 dollars per capita.

Europe, with Iceland and Denmark in the lead, is once again the most peaceful region in the world, while among Latin American countries, Costa Rica (39th), Uruguay (50th), Argentina (54th) and Chile (58th) are in the best positions.

The Institute, with headquarters in Sydney and offices in cities such as London, New York, Harare and Mexico City, evaluated in its seventeenth report the levels of peace in 163 countries and territories (99.7% of the world’s population).

Regarding Colombia, the report indicates that this country is one of those that suffers the most from the economic impact of violence due to the “number of refugees and internally displaced persons”.

With additional information from EFE.

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