Pan American Health Organization (PAHO): An organization that is part of WHO with a mandate to promote the right to health, to encourage evidence-based decisions to improve health, and to promote health as an engine of sustainable development.PAHO

Pandemic: Worldwide spread of a new disease.WHO

Participation: The right of every person to take an active role in all decision-making processes concerning them.SPHERE

Peace support operations: Multinational procedures authorized or directed by the UN under its founding charter to ensure global peace and security.WHO

Peasants: People who live in the countryside and generate belongings and representations from their roots in the land, supported by their knowledge, their memories and their ways of transmitting them between generations.OHCHR

People in agricolture: Persons or organizations dedicated to agricultural activity.NG

Persons deprived of liberty: Persons detained in correctional facilities (prisons or jails), officially recognized as places of confinement, who have been charged while undergoing judicial proceedings or sentenced. Persons deprived of their liberty are also those who have been detained in psychiatric facilities.UN

Persons suffering harm: People who have suffered or suffer harm to their life, integrity, security, development, freedom, and/or livelihood as a result of the deprivation of human rights, including not having access to humanitarian assistance and protection.OHCHR

Persons with disabilities: People with long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory disabilities who, when interacting with various barriers, are prevented from fully participating in society on an equal basis with others.OHCHR

Persons with humanitarian needs: People who need to be protected and assisted through humanitarian actions because they face situations that threaten their lives, integrity, security, freedom, and livelihood. They represent a group of the total number of affected people and may be different in each sector.OCHA