Illegal bodies and clandestine security apparatus (CIACS): A type of criminality configured as a network that develops illicit activities of a political, economic and judicial nature, carried out by agents who evade the law by using their influence on the State through corruption, infiltration or co-optation of decision-making processes.INSIGHT CRIME

Illegal mining: Extractive activity of commercially valuable minerals that takes place in prohibited areas such as river banks, lagoons, headwaters, and buffer zones of protected natural areas.AFEO

Immunization: Protection that people get from certain types of diseases by administering effective and safe vaccines that help develop resistance to specific diseases, and increase immunity to those diseases.WHO

Imports: All goods and services purchased abroad.THEBALANCE

Impunity: Lack of punishment or status of a criminal act that has not been sanctioned with the corresponding penalty by law.UNESCO

Incidence: A process that usually aims to influence decisions that may mean fundamental changes in political, economic, social, and institutional systems.OXFORD

Independent media: Social communication media which are free to search, request, and transmit information, according to their editorial line following the truth and evidence of the facts, without external interference or censorship policies.CIMA

Indigenous people: Tribal peoples whose social, cultural, and economic conditions distinguish them from other sections of the national community, and who are governed wholly or partly by their customs or traditions or by special legislation.OHCHR

Indigenous territories: Areas regularly and permanently owned by indigenous people and those that, although not owned in that way, constitute the traditional sphere of their social, economic, and cultural activities.FAO

Induced suicide: Directly inducing another person to commit suicide.