Humanitarian space: Formed by the presence, relationships, and actions of actors who have a role in achieving humanitarian purposes related to the assistance and protection of people affected by humanitarian crises.OCHA

Hunger: Uncomfortable or painful physical sensation, caused by insufficient consumption of food energy. It can become chronic when a person does not regularly consume enough calories or food energy to lead a normal, active, and healthy life. Chronic hunger is also often referred to as undernourishment.FAO

Hydropower: Electricity generated by harnessing the energy of moving water.NG

Hygiene: Conditions and practices to maintain health and prevent diseases such as handwashing with soap or other agents, food hygiene, and personal hygiene, including washing clothes and cleaning the environment.WHO

Hygiene in health centers: Hygiene conditions and practices, in addition to the sterilization of equipment, the safe disposal of medical waste and the cleaning of floors, and walls in health centers.WHO