Humanitarian / development / peace nexus: A common framework and new ways of working for humanitarian and development actors to jointly contribute to collective outcomes that reduce the levels of risk, vulnerability, and need of populations in humanitarian crises, seeking processes of transition between humanitarian operations, and recovery to development.UN

Humanitarian access: Capacity of humanitarian actors to reach crisis-affected populations and the ability of affected populations to access humanitarian assistance and protection.OCHA

Humanitarian action: Protection, assistance and advocacy actions by humanitarian actors on a humane and impartial basis, in response to humanitarian needs resulting from crises, complex emergencies or disasters.OCHA

Humanitarian actors: International and national actors that respond to the humanitarian needs of people affected by a crisis or emergency, following humanitarian principles and protecting their rights.OCHA

Humanitarian architecture: The name was given to the approach and redesign of the response operations of the international humanitarian system under UN coordination from 2005 onwards in order to improve their predictability, speed, and effectiveness in meeting the needs of populations affected by large-scale and severe crises.HIF

Humanitarian assistance: Assistance with humanitarian purposes to meet the physical, material, and legal needs of people in crisis or emergencies. Includes food, medical supplies, clothing, shelter, seeds and tools, basic infrastructure, financial contributions, and services of qualified personnel.UNHCR

Humanitarian charter: Ethical and legal commitments in humanitarian action that guarantee rights and responsibilities for the well-being of people affected by humanitarian crises.SPHERE

Humanitarian coordination: United Nations approach to increase the sum of joint efforts in humanitarian crises, and ensure a coherent response in common strategies, addressing needs, action plans, monitoring progress and mobilizing resources.RW

Humanitarian crisis: The circumstance of high risk to the life, health, well-being or security of a group of people, a community or a population that requires external assistance due to severe fragility or loss of internal capacities to protect human dignity, save lives and mitigate suffering.HC

Humanitarian donor: Public or private actors providing funds or material resources to assist countries affected by humanitarian crises.OECD