Hostilities: Posture or aggressive action against others, usually with the deliberate intent to harm. Hostilities may warn of attacks in preparation.CD

Household/Homes: Individuals or groups of individuals who reside in the same house and share a budget.UN

Human mobility: Mobilization of persons from one place to another in the exercise of their right to free movement and transit, whether they are leaving or returning, or for the purpose of settling elsewhere than in their previous place of residence.UN

Human rights: Rights inherent the dignity of every person who must enjoy and exercise fully by the mere fact of being so, whose guarantees are obligations for States to be fulfilled without excuse and are enforceable and justiciable in all circumstances.UN

Human Rights Council: An intergovernmental body within the UN system composed of 47 States responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights worldwide.OHCHR

Human rights defenders: Persons who, individually or jointly with others, strive to promote and protect civil and political rights, and to achieve the promotion, protection and enjoyment of economic, social, and cultural rights.OHCHR

Human Rights Documentation: A process of systematic and detailed recording of one or more acts, events, and facts involving a possible human rights violation, making it possible to gather and verify information, assist affected persons or groups, and substantiate demands for restitution or reparation of rights, as well as sanctions for those responsible.ILGA

Human Rights First: Code of conduct for all UN officials and personnel to examine and respond to threats of violations of international human rights law, and international humanitarian law.UN

Human Rights Guidelines on Covid-19: OHCHR guidelines establishing recommendations for the implementation of measures in the face of extraordinary events such as the COVID-19 pandemic without disrespecting or violating freedoms and human rights in the name of public health.OHCHR

Human rights violation: A situation that occurs when a State fails to comply with or fulfill its obligations to ensure the full enjoyment and exercise of human rights.HUMANRIGHTS