Armed conflict: Armed confrontation between two or more States (international) or between Governments and organized armed groups, or between several such groups within the same country (non-international). ICRC

Armed group: Non-state armed actor involved in a conflict, not belonging to government forces, and whose structure can vary from that of a militia to that of rebel bandits. OCHA

Asylum: The practice of protection, shelter, and assistance to people in need of international protection. The request is made to a second or third country that offers security and protection guarantees. The country studies the request and emits a positive or negative verdict, which in refuge matters should be based on international law, and in political asylum matters have state discretion. UNHCR

Asylum-seeker: A right invoked by persons seeking international protection on account of their status as political refugees, or persecuted persons. UNHCR

Availability of food: Standard of the right to food that is achieved when there is sufficient food available within a country, through domestic production, commercial imports, national reserves, and food assistance. WFP

Average salary: The average amount of remuneration that a worker from a given country receives per year for the legal working day. SALARY

Avoidable mortality: That premature and unnecessary death that can be avoided given current medical knowledge, existing technology, and the obligation of States to guarantee solid, effective, and well-run health systems with services, essential medicines, and technologies and qualified and motivated health personnel. OECD