Age, gender and diversity axes: An approach that seeks to ensure that all persons of concern enjoy their rights on an equal basis and can participate fully in decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families and communities. UNHCR

Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goal: The commitment of countries and their societies to improve the lives of all. The Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals that include the elimination of poverty, fight against climate change, education, equality of women, and defense of the environment, on a cross-cutting basis of protection of human rights. UN

Agenda for humanity: Call on world leaders to commit to five core responsibilities on behalf of humanity: 1) Prevent and end conflicts, 2) Defend the rules that safeguard humanity, 3) Leave no one behind, 4) Change the people's lives and 5) Invest in humanity. OCHA

Aggregated data: Consolidated data in which it is not possible to see the records of individual persons because they have been totaled in a single record. ED GLOSSARY

Agricultural production: Primary sector of the economy formed by agriculture and livestock for the production of raw materials, food and other essential consumer goods for the population. LAW INSIDER

Aluminum sulfate: Solid salt used mainly as a primary coagulating and flocculating agent in the treatment of water for human consumption and wastewater. BRITANNICA

Ambient: The physical and biological place where people and other organisms live. CD

Annual and year-on-year inflation: Percentage variation in the Consumer Price Index in a twelve-month period. The variation of the CPI between December of two successive years is known as annual inflation, while for the rest of the months it is called inter-annual inflation. This variation can be calculated for the general price level or each of the CPI divisions. FOCUS ECONOMICS

Anthropometry: Use of human body measurements to obtain information about nutritional status. FAO

Antiretrovirals: Treatment required by people with HIV, which consists of a combination of drugs called "antiretroviral therapy" that suppresses the replication of the virus. PAHO

Apparent food consumption: Indirect methodology to estimate total food consumption, per household or person, using the values of food production, availability, and sale. FAO

Aqueduct system: Irrigation system that allows water to be transported in a continuous flow from the place where it is deposited or stored to the point of consumption, in a city, town, community, or a field. BRITANNICA

Arbitrary deprivation of life: Deliberate damage or injury, or in some other way foreseeable and preventable, which may result in the violation of the right to life, caused by an act or an omission, including damage or threats to the physical or mental integrity of a person. OHCHR

Arbitrary detentions: Physical deprivation that violates the human right to personal liberty without basis in law, without due process and/or access to competent, expeditious and impartial justice. OHCHR

Armed capacity: Arms Control - Capacity or potential for violence due to gun possession. HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE